The detailed life prediction report provides you an insight and also prediction regarding all important prospects of your life.

Match making

Success or failure of married life’s are based on kundli Milan or ashtakoot milaan. If best gun of couples meet then their married life turns successful & lasts longer.

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There are mentions of eclipse causing “demons” in the Atharvaveda and Chāndogya Upaniṣad, the Chāndogya mentioning Rāhu 382 In fact the term graha, which is now taken to mean planet, originally meant demon. 381

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Pooja Houm

YAGYA means sacrifice, prayer, worship & total surrender to God for the achievement of desired results. This desired result may be good education, financial gain, development of business, good health, freedom from bondage etc.

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 Kundli & kundli analysis

 Dasha phal

Baby Name Suggetion

 Baby name suggestion

Match making (marriage)